Not every arrow finds its mark; some veer off course. But these stray arrows can pose a threat to people and surroundings. A missed shot can even hurt your fans nearby. You might need to spend hours collecting the arrows scattered in various directions you can’t even recall.

However, there’s an excellent solution to this – netting. You’ll find various outdoor and indoor archery rangenetting solutions to ensure the safety of people, vegetation, and property and save time.

What Is Archery Range Netting?

Archery range netting is used to catch arrows in an archery range. Archery netting is typically made of synthetic materials, for example, nylon netting. Using archery nets provides peace of mind to archers by ensuring that no property or living beings are harmed when shots are missed. Netting solutions are especially beneficial for novice shooters who are still practicing and may miss targets. This also benefits the large shooting ranges because several archers and spectators at risk might be present there.

Where Should an Archery Safety Net Be Used?

There is no rule of thumb for where to use an archery net. However, below, we’ve assembled a few ideal scenarios where archery netting is a must-need:

  • On an extensive shooting range where several shooters are practicing/participating in a competition
  • In a larger area where lost arrows are hard to locate
  • On an indoor archery range where walls or other objects can get damaged by the arrows
  • On your garden where your neighbor’s garden, your garage wall, or other things/vegetation can be damaged

What Should the Size of An Archery Net Be?

Arrow nets are available in a wide variety of lengths. However, most of the nets are 2-3 meters long. The choice depends entirely on your needs and the size of the archery range. You need to adequately cover the area behind your target with a backstop netting. It’s best to get more area covered for added safety.

Shooters must maintain a distance of at least 15 meters from the archery net. Even if it’s too large, you must maintain the distance to make it work.

Will an Archery Net Stop Any Projectile?

The effectiveness of an archery net in stopping projectiles depends on various factors, including the types of bows used, the weight and material of the arrows, the structure and mesh density of the net, and the netting material. For example, archery nets offer high safety against a traditional Longbow, Rider’s Bow, or Recurve Bow. However, these nets may be ineffective when shooting with a compound bow. Because arrows shot from a compound typically have a high penetrating power, which can easily pass through the arrow catch.

This problem can be mitigated by using double netting, which involves placing a second net behind the first. The second net can catch the arrow which has passed through the first one. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or contact them to determine whether a standard backstop can catch your arrows.

It would be best if you kept the area behind the target clear during arrow shooting. No net can guarantee a 100% successful arrow catch, even if they’re top-notch in quality.

How To Install An Arrow Safety Net

A steel cable is typically stretched between two trees, walls, or posts to mount the net behind the target. Some archery netting systems are all-inclusive; the package includes everything needed to mount the net.

Always keep some room behind the archery netting so it can swing properly after the arrow gets caught. If there is insufficient space, and the net is placed in front of a wall/fence or other object, the arrow might impale the object and get damaged.

Let the lower end of the net rest on the ground to slow the arrow’s speed further. Avoid fastening the net too tight as well. Polyester, polypropylene, nylon netting—experts hold the key to choosing the right one!

Allow the experts at Golf Range Netting to build and install your archery range netting with precision. We’ll recommend the optimal thickness, length, and materials for your net to ensure maximum safety for your archery range and spectators. Golf Range Netting is serving clients worldwide to build their customized netting. It’s been over 24 years, and our one-of-a-kind netting solutions are impressing clients. Contact Golf Range Netting today to get a free consultation.

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