Ask any great athlete how they became great, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: practice, practice, practice. The key to a great baseball swing? Hit a hundred balls a day. A great golf swing? Drive a hundred balls a day. A great slapshot? Shoot a hundred times. A great penalty kick? Kick a hundred goals. The recurring theme across all sports is that quality repetition is how you build muscle memory in your movements, allowing you to be consistent when the pressure is on. Getting those repetitions in without the distraction of having to collect balls or keep resetting your stance can be the difference between a hundred great reps and sixty mediocre ones. In this regard, players with access to hundreds of balls or a dedicated practice facility have an advantage over a player who has to practice with just a few balls in their backyard. 


Even so, with just one ball, backstop netting can help keep that ball in play so that you can focus on the task at hand. At Golf Range Netting, despite what our name implies, we can help you maximize your potential through custom netting solutions designed for whatever setting you have in mind. Whether you want to keep your team focused and on the field, ice, or range at practice, or you need something to stay sharp at home, We have the experience to deliver the right netting solution for you. 


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