Why Choose Golf Range Netting for Your Commercial or Industrial Project

We create and install custom netting systems for nearly every commercial setting. Our solutions help protect property and workers from damage and injury daily. Keep the debris and dust away from surrounding buildings and traffic with our quality dust and debris netting systems. Stop the flow of contraband into your correctional facility while keeping an open environment with perimeter barrier netting. Regardless of what kind of work you do, we can create a netting solution to meet your specific needs.

Our contraband netting solutions are designed with one purpose in mind – to keep contraband out. GRN recently completed 11 facilities for the South Carolina Department of Corrections where we installed over 2,700 poles and 1.8 million square feet of contraband netting. We completed the project 4 months ahead of schedule and we’re confident no other company could complete this in the same amount of time as us.

Prisons can receive great value from our netting. When we come to install a prison netting system at your facility, we will always consult with you to determine what your goals are and how we can meet them. Take a look below at some of our past work to get an idea of how our contraband and prison netting can benefit you.

What is Commercial Netting for?

Spectator Safety: Installations in sports stadiums protect spectators from potential airborne hazards, such as foul balls, rogue pucks, and more.

Preventing Property Damage: Safeguard property against damage caused by various airborne projectiles, including golf balls, hard balls, soft balls, and more.

Injury Prevention: Control playing space with netting to minimize the risk of players or customers suffering sport-related injuries within your facility.

Liability Risk Minimization: Protect your business from liability by using netting to ensure the safety of players, spectators, customers, and property.

Partitioning Playing Spaces: Utilize netting as see-through barriers to define playing spaces within your property, simultaneously protecting non-playing areas.

Sun Protection: Different types of netting can provide protection against harmful UV radiation, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment.

Wind Protection: Prevent the wind from blowing rogue objects in or out of your facility, reducing the risk of injury and minimizing business disruptions.

And Much More: Explore the versatility of commercial netting, addressing a wide array of safety, security, and practical needs for businesses and sports facilities.

Why Golf Range Netting?

  • Precision for Golf Facilities: Golf range netting demands precision and durability. Our specialized golf range netting solutions cater to the unique challenges posed by golf balls, ensuring optimal safety and performance.

  • Tailored Expertise: As a trusted Golf Range Netting company, we bring tailored expertise to Tarpon Springs, FL, providing customized solutions that align with the specific requirements of golf facilities in the area.

  • Choose commercial netting for its versatility and unparalleled safety benefits. Partner with us in Tarpon Springs, FL, and experience the reliability and precision of our netting solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to explore the comprehensive benefits of commercial netting for your business or sports facility.


Each one of these systems are designed specifically for correctional facilities to deter, mitigate and stop delivery of contraband in and out of their centers. The addition of enclosed barrier and rooftop netting stops the possibilities of airborne contraband. Some of these products include:

• Perimeter Contraband Netting
• Yard Enclosures
• Rooftop Netting
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Netting allows your job to become much more efficient. Our durable netting solutions for your facility’s industrial needs provide custom solutions designed to contain litter and debris, easy maintenance access and reduced clean up. Some of these products include:

• Construction Debris Netting
• Landfill & Debris Netting
• Recycle & Waste Netting
• Wind Screen Netting
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Best Quality Guarantee

High standards make for a higher quality netting installation at your facility. We always hold ourselves and our materials to the highest standards possible. The materials that we use for every sports netting structure are certified by every power company in the United States and Canada. We know which materials last the longest and stand up to Mother Nature, giving you the best value for your investment.

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