You want the best product when you need protective netting for a golf course or other relevant application. For many businesses, nylon netting is the clear winner. Nylon netting offers countless benefits that make it an attractive, budget-friendly solution.  

Highlights of Nylon Mesh Netting  

Even if you’ve invested in nylon netting fabric before, you might not know its most appealing attributes. Below are some top characteristics of nylon netting you can shop for online. 

Durability: The last thing you want is to replace your commercial netting every season. With regular use, the average nylon netting will perform for many years. Though the exact timeframe depends on how much use your netting receives, you can rely on nylon fabric to hold up longer than other netting varieties. 

Strength: When browsing for nylon mesh netting, you’ll notice that each netting size has a specific tensile. A good way to think of tensile is a product’s breaking strength. For example, #36 X 1-7/8″ twisted knotted square mesh nylon netting has a 340-pound tensile rating. This means the netting can accommodate forces up to 340 pounds. Consequently, if you choose that type of netting fabric, you can depend on it to resist fraying or breaking. 

Cost-Effectiveness: When you look at the price of mesh fabric by the yard, you can’t help but notice that it’s exceptionally economical. This is particularly true when considering the durability and strength mentioned earlier. Nearly all organizations needing nylon mesh netting can cover the cost without breaking the bank. 

Versatility: Nylon netting can be useful for many different purposes, so it’s become one of the preferred netting types for buyers across countless industries. These include athletics, industrial, and waste management sectors. The point is that if you need any netting, you can probably find a nylon version to consider purchasing. 

Weather Resistant: A great upside to choosing nylon mesh netting is that its impressive UV rating allows it to remain tough even under difficult weather conditions. Since netting is frequently used outdoors for spaces like batting cages and tennis barrier nets, nylon’s weather resistance matters to plenty of customers.   

Is Nylon Netting Fabric Right for Your Needs? 

There’s no doubt that nylon fabric by the yard is one of the most reliable types of netting. Yet despite all its pros, it might not be right for you. Sometimes, other kinds of netting, such as polyester, maybe a better fit. 

How can you tell if you need nylon versus polyester netting? Answering some questions will help determine if nylon will give you the most optimal experience. 

Is your netting going to get a lot of outside wear and tear? If so, you can opt for either nylon or polyester. However, you’ll probably want to think about the UV protection aspect of nylon netting. Polyester will resist degrading in sunlight, too, but nylon does have a history of withstanding extreme heat and cold. 

Will your netting get hit — a lot? Nylon’s breaking strength is terrific. However, if you expect your netting to get hit by large, heavy objects moving at speed, you may need to weigh nylon versus polyester. The tensile rate of many polyester netting alternatives is many times greater than that of nylon netting. This doesn’t mean nylon isn’t strong. It is. But its limits are less than those of netting built from polyester. 

Are you driven mostly by budget? Will your final netting choice be determined by how much money you can spend buying a product? Good news! Nylon netting and polyester netting are suitable due to their low price points. 

Once you’ve figured out if you are in the market to put your dollars into nylon netting fabric, you’ll want to find a trustworthy netting source. We’ve spent more than 24 years working with our customers at Golf Range Netting to find the perfect netting. We offer polyester and nylon mesh fabric by the yard and have built a reputation for exceptional customer service. Whether you need nylon netting or another variety, you can trust us to make online netting shopping streamlined and rewarding. Feel free to contact us anytime for expert support. 

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