We’ve all seen it in movies and heard about it in folklore. Things get into prisons that shouldn’t be in prisons. This could be a whole variety of things, but the one consistent thing about the contraband is that it shouldn’t be there but somehow finds a way to keep getting in.

The thing is, it is not so easy to figure out how to prevent contraband in prisons. Different security measures have been used throughout time, each with varying levels of effectiveness in keeping the bad stuff out. These security measures all also cost varying amounts. Security can be expensive.

However, there is one method of contraband prevention that is as simple as inexpensive. Here, we will discuss the importance of contraband netting in prison.

Preventing Illegal Items: The Simple Solution

We all know what a prison looks like, especially the outside of a prison. Tall fences are outlined with barbed wire to keep the things that should stay out and ensure the people inside don’t escape. The thing is, fences can only be built so high—technically, they can be built as high as you want, but fencing is not inexpensive—and because of that, there are still ways to get things in.

When you use contraband netting, you greatly increase the area you cover regarding perimeter fence security. By extending your security system, you are making life safer for everyone. Here are the advantages of contraband netting to preventing illegal items in prisons:

• Stops contraband from being thrown over prison walls.
• Prevents unauthorized items from being smuggled into or out of prisons.
• Provides a physical barrier that is difficult to bypass.
• Helps maintain order and discipline within the prison.

Contraband Netting: A Multi-Purpose Tool for Prison Management

Nets are not only an inexpensive tool for prisons, but they are also versatile tools to be used for prisons. Anyone employed in a jail or prison could tell you that commercial perimeter security systems are crucial, but they are not the only line of defense.

Modern technology has been a boon to people trying to get things into prisons. Humans can only throw so far, but with the prevalence of drones, prison security is not as simple as it maybe once was. And while a barbed wire fence can’t stop a drone, netting over an open-air enclosure ensures items don’t reach their intended targets.

Contraband netting is a versatile tool used for various purposes in prison management. Here are some additional advantages of using contraband netting in prison management:

  • Provides a secure perimeter around the prison.
  • Protects staff, visitors, and inmates from falling objects or debris.
  • It can be used for recreational activities such as sports or exercise.
  • It can be used for training purposes such as riot drills or rappelling exercises.

Prioritizing Safety: The Vital Role of Contraband Netting in Prisons

Working in prison can be dangerous, so anything we can do to make the staff safer is good. Think about all the time staff interacts with prisoners. During these times, especially during checks for contraband, it can be dangerous if a prisoner has smuggled in a dangerous weapon.

But contraband is dangerous for the prisoners as well. Often when drugs are smuggled into prison, they’re done so to conceal the fact that they are drugs. For instance, drugs might be smuggled in via candy or crayons. They look like harmless everyday items, but they are powerful drugs that can harm inmates’ rehabilitation efforts and possibly seriously damage their health.

Here are other advantages of maintaining a safe environment in prisons:

  • Helps prevent inmates from accessing unauthorized areas.
  • Prevents unauthorized items from being used as weapons or tools.
  • Helps deter escapes or attempted escapes.
  • Enhances overall security and safety within the prison.

The more barriers between danger in prison, the better, and contraband netting is a simple and effective solution that can ramp up security measures in prison. However, installation for each prison will be different, so you will want an experienced professional to work with you to ensure your contraband netting system is as effective as possible.

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