One of the most common problems jails and prisons face is the influx and distribution of contraband throughout the facility. Contraband ranges from cell phones to illicit drugs and everything in between. When even mundane items like toothbrushes can be turned into a weapon, preventing contraband from entering the facility becomes even more critical. The biggest threat to the safety of incarcerated persons is drugs. Certain narcotics can be mixed into common items like crayons or disguised inside candy to try and pass a contraband inspection. These drugs hurt rehabilitation efforts of the incarcerated and often spread disease because of the use of unclean equipment when using the drugs.

While entry points into the prison are bolstered against the influx of contraband by a series of searches and scanning devices the perimeter of an exposed yard can be open to the public. In prisons or jails that have surrounding wooded areas or run up against roads, it can be difficult to control who can come up to the fence from the outside. Some prison systems have installed drone imaging cameras and motion activated camera systems, but these can prove extremely costly and require constant monitoring by staff. A simpler solution to keep contraband from being thrown or flown into an exposed outdoor area is contraband netting.

Like the netting found at construction sites to keep in debris, or at sports facilities to keep people safe, contraband netting can be installed around the perimeter of the fence in order to prevent the aerial entry of contraband into the prison facility. Unlike a camera system, a contraband net doesn’t add any duties to the staff’s plate while it works to keep them safe from weapons, drugs, and other contraband items.

Experience is needed when installing contraband netting systems as each facility has unique needs to be addressed. Golf Range Netting has installed many of these systems in several type of facilities that are tailor-made to fill the needs of the individual facility. If you are in need of a contraband netting solution, contact us today for a free consultation from our experts.

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