Contraband netting is commonly found at facilities like jails and prisons. This type of netting is most often installed to prevent contraband items from entering an area’s premises. At jails and prisons, it’s common sense that certain items must not find their way inside at all costs. With proper contraband netting, the flow of these inappropriate and illegal items can be greatly reduced or even eliminated completely.

What It Is

If you look around the outside of a prison it’s likely you’ll see one thing – a barrier. Many prisons rely on barriers like fencing and barbed wire to line the perimeter of the property. The barrier is intended to keep prisoners in and the rest of the population out. Additionally, it’s used to keep contraband items out too. Unfortunately, a fence can only go so high and still has the potential to be climbed. Someone on the outside can also throw items over a fence to another on the inside. Using contraband netting in addition to barbed wire fencing, a facility can drastically extend its perimeter barrier and increase its effectiveness.

How It Works

The good thing about nets is that they can be installed virtually anywhere. Many prison facilities are taking advantage of nets as a way to extend the height of their barriers for better protection. In addition to perimeter netting, prisons use netting in other areas as well. Netting can be installed on top of open area rec yards to enclose them and eliminate the possibility of contraband being introduced into the areas by way of adjacent rec yards or the use of drones dropping contraband into the areas.

Planning for the Future

As mentioned above, technological advancements are proving to be an issue for prisons. People have begun to use drones to introduce contraband items into secure areas. Meanwhile, drones are one thing that a barbed wire fence can’t protect against. However, nets can. Many prison officials are realizing this need and are now installing nets across the entirety of their grounds, both perimeter and overhead.


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