Without the big crowd and cheers, baseball matches are no fun! But an unfair norm has existed for decades– the risk of getting hit by a ball. It’s not that only players have the trouble; spectators too are in danger.  

Hundreds of fans hit the stadiums to watch their favorite game. So it becomes the responsibility of organizers to keep fans out of danger. Major League Baseball already realized this risk factor and took measures to enhance their baseball field netting.

An enhanced netting system is vital for baseball fields. Let’s explore how netting provides baseball spectators safety and a better experience.  

Risks Associated With Baseball  

Bloomberg reported that about 1,750 spectators get injured yearly during MLB baseball games. Foul balls and home runs are usually responsible for these accidents where people in the stands get hit by baseballs.  

Sadly, netting systems in baseball fields are insufficient, where balls hit into the stands multiple times in every game. There must be a safety barrier to protect the fans from shooting balls.  

In addition, there have been incidents resulting in severe injuries, highlighting the need for improved spectator protection. Now, let’s examine the four benefits that come with it:  

Baseball Netting- A Safety Barrier 

Spectator safety is now a dire need of baseball fans. However, netting can do more than ensure the safety of the spectators. Baseball netting also improves the spectator experience. Installing a professional baseball safety netting also helps associations strengthen their reputation.  

Let’s discuss how baseball netting contributes to spectators’ safety and experience.  

Enhanced Safety  

You might already notice foul balls striking people in the stands or spectators trying to catch foul balls. Typically fields have a net barrier behind the home plate. But obstacles like these should be extended farther down the baselines. This makes many spectator areas open where foul balls can quickly enter. 

This limits the level of protection as only the fans behind the home plate get some safety. But that shouldn’t be the norm. Fans all across should get complete protection from baseballs.  

Install netting around the batting cage or baseball field to prevent someone from getting hurt by a ball. This is how you can keep the balls confined and save people from severe injuries from baseball.  

Improved Visibility & Division 

With safety, professional netting can offer complete visibility on both sides, a must in a baseball field. It’s also a great dividing solution for fields with multiple play areas, such as softball fields and recreational centers sharing a space with a baseball field. A netting around the field prevents baseballs from entering adjacent fields.  

Enhanced Reputation  

A baseball field with full-protective netting looks more professional to the spectators. If you decide to invest in professional netting, it indicates that you care about people’s safety and experience.  

You can install the same netting across the play area to create a sophisticated look. Having professional netting around your field stands out your field from competitors. This helps attract more spectators by showing off where they can enjoy their favorite game with a piece of mind.  

What Makes Baseball Netting Special 

You can have a variety of baseball netting for specific play areas. Baseball backstop net, side net, and outfield netting are some common types you can get.  

Baseball nets are usually made of polyester. It’s a material known for high strength and flexibility and is used to boost netting longevity and flexibility. Polyester nets are used in fields and backstop areas. Often nylon nets are used in outdoor fields due to their UV and weather-resistant qualities. 

For stadiums and indoor baseball cages, vinyl nets can be used as they’re durable, don’t hinder visibility, and are weather resistant. These materials are also easy-to-clean. It’s another factor making them an ideal fit for baseball netting.  

Why ChooseCustom Baseball Nets? 

Custom baseball nets are great for boosting the aesthetic and improving the safety of a field. Invest in custom nets without hesitation if you seek branding and better performance.  

Here are some more reasons to choose a custom baseball netting over others: 

  • They are more durable as they’re made of resilient materials and can tolerate harsh weather conditions and extensive use. It’s a cost-effective option as it lasts longer.  
  • It can be designed to match your branded colors and themes. It helps you uplift the look and feel of your field to the next level.  
  • Designed to meet all safety standards required for your organization.  
  • Tailored to match your organization’s specific needs and budget. 

Golf Range Netting provides various baseball netting solutions to meet your unique needs. Contact us today for professional, durable netting to keep your athletes and spectators safe.  

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