The cleats, the camaraderie, the crowds, the cheers – It’s not hard to understand why baseball is America’s pastime. Throughout the decades we’ve enjoyed watching baseball and it’s no secret there are some risks involved. Not only do the players frequently get hit by a ball, but the spectators do too. With bigger stadiums being built and more fans packing the stands, it’s of the utmost importance to keep people safe. Major League Baseball is realizing there’s a simple way to improve safety, and that’s through the expansion of netting systems like we here at Golf Range Netting are so familiar with.


The Reasoning

According to Bloomberg, about 1,750 spectators are injured by baseballs during MLB games every year. From foul balls to home runs, baseballs are being hit into the stands often multiple times per game. Unfortunately, many netting systems at MLB fields only extend from behind home plate and out to the end of each dugout. Past those bases there was no safety barrier between the field and the fans. Baseballs basically have nothing stopping them from entering spectator areas and this has been the norm for so many years – until recently. Sadly, in 2019 a woman was killed after a foul ball entered the stands and struck her. This unfortunate accident has rightfully seemed to kick the work to extend MLB netting into high gear.


The Response

With a few recent accidents resulting in severe injuries and even death, baseball fans have been calling for teams to extend their nets to provide better protection – and the MLB has listened. In December 2019, baseball commissioner Rob Manfred announced that nets would be extended well past the end of each dugout for every team. This is a major improvement and should be well-received by fans all across the country. Some teams are even taking it a step further and are extending their nets out to both foul poles. A change this drastic shows that teams are willing to do what it takes to keep fans safe.

We at Golf Range Netting know the value and safety a netting system can bring to sports. They’re a great barrier to have between spectators and the sports fields that don’t hinder visibility in the process. If you’re interested in installing new netting or extending your existing nets, contact the Golf Range Netting team today at 866-938-4448 to learn more!


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