Baseball safety netting has been around since 1879, when a net was first erected behind home plate. Since then the sport of baseball has changed dramatically. Fans sit closer than ever to the field to get a better view of the action. Balls are hit at faster speeds, and injuries sustained from foul balls have become more serious and at times, even deadly. More than 800 people have been injured by foul balls at professional baseball stadiums in recent years. In 2018, all thirty professional baseball teams agreed to expand spectator safety netting around home plate in an effort to prevent more fans suffering injuries.


Most baseball fields already have a sports net barrier directly behind home plate, but many don’t extend further down the baselines. A large area of spectator seating remains exposed to foul balls without additional netting. Fans deserve to be protected no matter where they’re sitting. Installing expanded safety netting for your baseball facility will leave you with a greater peace of mind and an all around safer ballpark.


Outside of the professional stadiums, baseball moves at a slightly slower pace. For facilities that serve collegiate, amatuer and youth baseball, there are plenty of reasons to consider expanded sports netting in addition to fan safety. Protecting nearby property can be a major benefit of additional safety netting. Strategically installed netting can keep foul balls from denting nearby parks cars or smashing through windshields.


Ensuring athletes, fans, and property alike at a baseball game are safe is easy with Golf Range Netting. Let our experts advise you on all your high-quality outdoor and indoor baseball safety fencing and netting for youth, high school, college and professional settings. Call us today at (866)965-2393 for a free consultation to learn more about our netting options!

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