Daylight Saving Time has arrived which means Spring is here. As the weather gets warmer and the day gets longer, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your fields and indoor facilities for the spring sports season. For managers handling outdoor sports facilities, you’ll want to inspect and check your netting systems before the rainy springtime weather rolls in. Rain and wind can take a toll on outdoor netting over time. If you live in a Northern state, you’ll also want to check your netting systems for rust caused by winter ice and snow.


The experts at Golf Range Netting have more than 25 years experience crafting custom sport netting solutions for a range of sports; from tennis and soccer to all levels of baseball, we have you covered. Spring sports require a variety of netting. From soccer’s goal netting to baseball backstop netting, our team is well versed in the unique netting needs of each sport. For example, we’ve previously covered the importance of baseball backstop netting on our blog. Check out this post for the top three reasons to consider backstop netting for your baseball facilities.


There are many purposes for sports netting at stadiums and fields in addition to traditional foul ball safety netting including scoreboard protection netting, concession area barrier nets, and other multipurpose or unique stadium netting needs. And when it comes to sporting facilities, we can do more than just netting. For one of our recent projects, we designed and installed an entire lighting system for tennis courts in Illinois.


Our team of experts can craft a custom solution tailored to your facilities sporting needs and budget constraints. We oversee every element of a sport netting project – from consultation, design, to execution and installation. Give us a call today at (888) 442-5501 for an initial quote and commitment-free consultation.

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