With summer baseball well underway, some forward-thinking facility managers are already looking ahead to improvements that can be implemented in between games or during the upcoming off season.


On the baseball or softball field, injuries can happen anywhere, including the backstop area behind home plate. You can never be too cautious when it comes to protecting athletes and fans. That’s why backstop netting is so important. In 2018, all 30 MLB teams extended the protective netting around home plate to prevent low fly balls from injuring fans at the field-level.


Three Key Reasons You Need Backstop Netting

Safety: Adding backstop netting can increase safety for both spectators and athletes. Our backstop netting systems are in place for a wide range of teams from youth, middle school, high school, college, all the way up to professional and semi-professional teams. The backstop netting protects fans from flying bats or pop-up fly balls and can even help protect the catcher in some cases.


Spectator experience: While safety is the top priority, backstop netting is also more visually appealing than traditional heavy chain-link fencing which can be difficult for fans to see through. Properly installed backstop netting can help keep athletes and fans safe while optimizing the game day experience. Netting simply provides more coverage than a fence – because we can hang a net much higher than any fence can be built.


Easy maintenance & long lasting: Our baseball and softball netting systems are easy to remove for the off season. This comes in extremely handy for facilities or fields offering multiple sports throughout the year. Finally, our netting can be weatherproofed to withstand harsh conditions that would rust a traditional chain link fence.


Golf Range Netting can meet all your sports netting needs. We’ve installed backstop netting systems across the country from the University of Tampa to the Louisville Slugger Sports Complex in Illinois. Do you have questions or need advice on the best sports netting solution to protect athletes and fans at your facility? Give us a call today at (866)938-4448 for a free consultation.

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