Netting isn’t just for sports complexes and golf courses. It can be a big help in other areas of everyday life as well. Many neighborhoods are now being constructed with adjacent recreation centers. Not only do they provide amenities for residents, they can be a place of social gathering for the entire community. As a homeowner or HOA board member in one of these communities, installing professional netting at the recreation center should be wisely discussed.


Most recreation centers include a sports component. Typically, they include a combination of things like a children’s playground, tennis, swimming, baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer and golf. When you introduce athletics to a multi-purpose space, safety concerns do tend to arise. For example, if a baseball field is located next to a playground, there’s going to be a risk a bystander will be hit by a ball. The last thing anyone wants is for their child to be hit by an out-of-bounds ball while playing at the neighborhood park. So, installing netting around a recreation center’s sports fields can help lower the risk of injury for all. Also, it will help keep any surrounding property safe like a community center, homes and cars.


Constructing a neighborhood recreation center usually takes place while the neighborhood is still being developed. Often, builders use them as tools to help sell their homes. Having a recreation center nearby is a major amenity people look for while house shopping. To make your rec center really stand out, installing netting can take it to the next level. People want to know they’re going to be safe when spending time at home, especially if they have children. If someone sees a neighborhood without recreation center netting and then see yours with it, he or she may be more inclined to visit. Not only is the safety factor appealing, the netting adds a sense of professionalism. Additionally, it shows that the developers really care about every detail and know the value netting adds to this type of setting.

Added Value

One thing most don’t think about is the value netting brings to a neighborhood. If your community’s recreation center installs netting, it can actually increase the property values. Similar to how netting can attract people to a new neighborhood, it can also attract people to an already established one. Just because your community has existed for some time doesn’t mean it’s too late to install netting. In fact, it’s never too late. Regardless, if the rec center is within your neighborhood or located just down the street from it, pushing for netting is always important. When it comes time to sell your home, the nearby rec center can be a major selling point. The added safety that netting brings to a multi-purpose recreation center could be something a buyer is looking for.

In general, netting is never a bad idea. When it comes to a community recreation center that point is even more appropriate. An additional layer of safety, professionalism and value can be added to an area simply by installing netting in specific areas. There’s nothing better than having peace of mind knowing your family will be safe while spending time at the recreation center.

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