Properly installed sports netting can protect athletes and spectators from injuries, make competitions run smoothly and help keep practice sessions running efficiently. For most of us, we never think twice about sports netting at the ballpark or driving range, particularly if it’s installed professionally and fits naturally into its environment.


At Golf Range Netting, we pride ourselves on the more than 63 years of combined experience our team brings to each and every project. We bring a variety of experience to bear on client projects covering every type of netting need. Our team has deep knowledge in everything from golf course netting design, structural engineering, accounting all the way to OSHA-certified construction and telecoms.


Golf Range Netting’s President, Mark Ramsay, essentially invented golf course netting and lighting design in the mid 90s. He built the netting structures and enclosures at more than 20 of the Jack Nicklaus – Golden Bear facilities. Prior to building over 1,000 facilities with custom netting needs, he attended a 5-year lineman school with a focus on high voltage and engineering. Meanwhile, our superintendent, Shawn Szuba, is an expert in pole and steel tower foundations and erection and has installed thousands of pole/tower netting structures across the U.S. and abroad.


From layouts to building codes, no two facilities or courses are alike, which is why you need professionals with decades, not a few years, of experience to ensure the construction and installation of sports netting follows local guidelines and regulations and is visually appealing while being structurally safe and sound.


The team at Golf Range Netting has the expertise for any netting need. Give us a call today at (866) 938-4448 to get started!

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