If investing in the expansion of baseball netting wasn’t already a priority – as it should have been – then now is the perfect time to change that! Netting is common at many baseball parks of all sizes across the country. From the little league to the major league, teams of all ages and skill levels utilize nets as an integral part of the sport. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has reshaped the way we live here in America and across the globe. More people are taking to the outdoors and sports are playing a larger role in many of our lives. If you’re debating whether now is a good time to expand the netting at your baseball park, here’s why we think it’s never been a more perfect time.



As we said earlier, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way people live. The outdoors seem to be a safer space for recreation, so sports and other outdoor activities are seeing a massive spike in play. Baseball leagues of all sizes are now able to reopen and operate, for the time being, meaning even more people are taking to the fields. Installing baseball netting creates an added layer of separation between different fields and even between spectator areas. Not only is this important to reduce the amount of virus transmission, but it can help keep people out of places they shouldn’t be. The last thing anyone wants is a massive outbreak at their baseball park. If nets can help you keep areas separated and reduce the risk of spread from team to team and spectators to spectators, then that’s a win in our book.



Before COVID-19, there was one main reason why baseball netting is so essential – safety! Baseball netting was, is and will always be a necessary part of keeping players and fans safe around a baseball field. Anyone who has seen a baseball game knows how many times foul balls fly into the stands or are hit straight toward a dugout. Without proper netting, this poses a significant risk to players and fans alike. Serious injuries and even deaths have occurred when a baseball strikes spectators. Management in all levels of baseball recognize how serious this issue is and are beginning to invest in more netting.


We believe now is the perfect time to expand your baseball netting. Safety is always a priority to us and we know that the best way to keep baseball players and fans safe is with a comprehensive netting system. Call us at 866-938-4448 to learn more about the benefits of expanding your baseball netting today!

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