Netting and netting enclosures are quickly becoming a necessity in many cases. At sports fields, community centers and even right in your back yard, netting can play a crucial role in maintaining safety. Therefore, to stay out of harm’s way, a net must always retain its structural integrity. While some netting safety issues might become obvious, others can be harder to spot. Ensuring the integrity of nets is crucial, so read below for things to look out for and why inspecting them is so important.

Wear & Tear Warning Signs

Like most things, over time your nets will slowly show signs of wear. If their deterioration becomes too severe, they may not function properly. Likewise, with enough wear the likelihood they will fail drastically increases. To prevent this from happening, there are certain things to look out for.

  • Holes – Any rips or holes that create larger openings are a telltale sign your net’s integrity might be compromised. Nets surrounding sports complexes, like baseball parks and soccer fields, are often exposed to frequent intense contact. If you notice any areas of concern, it’s best to have it looked at by a professional.
  • Structure Damage – Nets can’t do their job without a strong structure holding them in place. Consequently, if the poles, wire and hardware keeping your netting in the air aren’t structurally sound, the entire system could fail. Rusting, detaching, cracking, etc. of these pieces usually mean they need repair.
  • Anchors – If your nets use anchors to secure them to the ground or other structures, you should check them often. If one or more of these anchors become loose, the safety benefits of the netting could be lost.

Weather & Outside Interference

In inclement weather, the possibility for damage to nets increases. For example, high winds, flying debris and falling tree branches can all cause damage. Immediately after a severe storm rolls through, make sure you look at each net carefully for damage.

Why It Matters

The main reason most people install netting is for safety. At ballparks and recreational centers, keeping spectators safe from what’s happening on the playing field is important. Many Major League Baseball parks are even extending their nets to better protect fans, due to some recent unfortunate accidents. If you realize the need to invest in netting, it’s likely you understand the need for them to remain in good condition also. Often, small issues like a hole or broken anchor can be repaired without much hassle. However, if you wait too long to make repairs, the situation can get much worse and result in the need to replace the entire system. This can cost thousands and could require your recreational complex to remain closed until repairs are complete. If you notice any damage to your netting structure, the professionals at Golf Range Netting are ready to help!

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