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It’s important to have netting around your facility. From owning a golf course to maintaining order in a correctional facility, you must keep your area contained and protected from outside forces. If you are looking for a netting company that is local to the Florida area but has worked within and outside the United States, a company that prides itself on customer service and making sure that your facility is the best, Golf Range Netting is exactly what you’re looking for!

Golf Range Netting is a Florida-based company that has been building custom netting facilities for more than 25 years. We have worked on projects from the United States to the Caribbean, and strive to provide excellent custom netting and customer service worldwide. Despite the name, Golf Range Netting does more than golf course netting. Additionally, we facilitate sports, contraband, drone and landfill netting projects. Golf Range Netting is ready for anything and will always put you first.

How Are We the Best?

Golf Range Netting is the best in the netting business because we have more than 24 years of experience under our belts, and we create impeccable facilities. Our structures are designed and built to the highest quality specifications using power-line grade materials. The structures are also engineered to meet building wind code regulations.

Golf Range Netting has gained knowledge and experience by working on projects in different areas of the country. By working on different projects in different areas, we have experienced diverse terrain and climates. This has taught us how to develop netting for different environments, such as heavy rain and wind for durability, and how to protect the netting from the unexpected. We have also worked with all kinds of facilities and know the ins and outs of each type.

With our headquarters based in Florida, Golf Range Netting is prepared for extreme weather. Our Floridian home has exposed us to intense weather patterns, like hurricanes. We have prepared our netting for storms with systems, like retractable and breakaway netting. With retractable netting, you can take down your nets at your convenience in preparation for an oncoming storm. Breakaway netting allows you to remove the top layer of netting so the structure of your facility will be safe from the storm.

Installing netting at your facility is a wise investment not only for yourself but for your own customers. Golf Range Netting has seen it all, done it all and wants all the best for you. If you are interested in installing netting for your business, contact Golf Range Netting at 866-938-4448.

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