The season of giving is upon us! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your kids, sports items make terrific presents – items the family will both use and love. We know shopping for a sports fanatic kiddo can be pretty tough so the team at Golf Range Netting is here to help.


A backyard batting cage is the best gift for your little ones. Baseball is America’s pastime, after all. From t-ball to varsity, a backyard batting cage can benefit players of all skill sets. The biggest benefit of practicing in a batting cage is the ability to take swing after swing without having to track down balls around the field before practice can resume. Your kids will be able to improve their swing and increase their power over time with steady practice.


For more advanced players, batting cages can be fit with targets which can help batters improve the

placement of their hits for unique game situations. If your kiddos can regularly hit the ball where it’s pitched, coaches will certainly find a place for them in the team’s starting lineup. Purchasing a backyard batting cage now also helps your older kids prepare for baseball’s preseason in the late winter and early spring.


For the dedicated player, a backyard batting cage makes it even easier to stay committed to a practice schedule. Life gets busy, which means sometimes regular sessions at the batting cages or community fields get skipped. Why not have a private batting cage right in the backyard and keep a consistent schedule for your children to perfect their swing?


An added perk for parents besides the excitement of kids at being able to play ball and practice hitting balls right in the backyard, you’ll also save time and money on driving to and from the nearby baseball park.


Help your little ones develop their athletic skills and have a little fun right at home. Reach out to Golf Range Netting today at 866-938-4448!


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