Netting systems are designed to be tough and are intended to withstand what’s thrown at them, literally. Sports netting seems to be even more resilient after all they go through on a regular basis. However, no netting system is invincible. Those that receive repeated action or are subjected to violent wind and weather will need to be replaced sooner or later. At Golf Range Netting, we want to help all those who have netting for sports, golf courses, drones or anything else have a system that’s structurally sound. Here’s a look at when it might be a good time to repair or replace your netting system.



If you’re beginning to notice holes in your netting, it’s time to replace it. You might be thinking, “isn’t a net full of holes anyways?” While that’s essentially true, what we consider a hole in netting is when the thread begins to break and forms larger openings. Nets are installed to act as a barrier and to keep things contained in a specific area. If there are large holes throughout a netting system, its ability to act as a barrier is compromised. Think about baseball netting. If there are holes in a baseball net, the ball could travel right through it and strike someone on the other side. Properly caring for nets and receiving routine maintenance can help prevent this.


Structural Damage

Netting systems are made up of much more than the nets themselves. Netting is typically held in place by support poles, anchors and other similar hardware. If these parts that support the netting aren’t structurally sound, the entire system can fail. Often, there are visible signs your netting system has structural damage. Even if you can’t see any obvious signs of damage, it’s still a good idea to have your system checked regularly by netting experts to determine its integrity. The experts at Golf Range Netting recommend that your netting system undergoes routine professional examinations, especially following a severe storm or other situation that could have put it in harm’s way.


While netting systems are mindfully constructed to withstand what life throws at them, there will likely come a time when a system needs to be repaired or replaced. If you have concerns about your netting, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Golf Range Netting. We can evaluate it for any damages and recommend the necessary repairs to get you back in the game. Call us today at 866-938-4448 for more information!

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