Drones – also known as “UAV-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” – took the world by storm. If you’re considering using a drone for your facility, drone netting is a safe and effective option for various applications.

Drone netting is containment netting (a specialized mesh) used to capture and contain a drone safely and protect areas from drone incursions. It’s designed to have minimal impact on the surrounding environment while providing maximum protection for both drones and people on-site.

In this article, we’ll discuss how drone netting and containment systems can keep your facility safe while increasing efficiency using drone technology.

How Can Drones Be Used for Facilities?

Drones have become a more common tool in facilities management as they offer many advantages, including inspections, management, monitoring, etc. As drones continue to evolve, so make their applications within facilities.

1. Efficiency

Drones can quickly and easily view hard-to-reach areas of a facility, such as a roof, and can complete tasks faster than traditional methods.

2. Data collection

Drones equipped with sensors can collect data such as thermal images, 3D mapping, and gas readings that can be used to improve the overall management of the facility.

3. 24/7 monitoring

Drones can monitor a facility continuously, providing real-time data and alerts that can help prevent or mitigate potential issues.

4. Reduced downtime

Drones can identify potential equipment and infrastructure problems before they cause downtime, allowing for proactive maintenance and repairs.

From inspections and maintenance to surveillance and security, data collection, monitoring remote facilities, and more, drones are helping people and businesses stay on top of their facility management practices.

Drones are also fantastic tools for scanning barcodes and tracking inventory in warehouses. Additionally, they can be used to check air and water quality. In emergencies – like fires or natural disasters – these UAVs are great at quickly gauging the circumstance and assisting with relief and rescue operations.

As drones become more prominent, it is crucial to consider safety measures for people and other objects. Many people and businesses rely on proper netting and containment systems to protect drones and those around them.

The containment netting has several purposes:

  • it keeps drones from flying away
  • prevents them from colliding with other objects
  • and protects people who are operating or observing the drones

What Are the Benefits of Using Drone Netting for Your Facility? 

Drone netting is an effective and affordable approach to protect your facility from various security, privacy, safety, and compliance risks.

  • Security

Drone netting can secure a facility from unwanted drone intrusions, which can be used for surveillance or malicious intent.

  • Privacy

Drone netting provides privacy for residents or employees within a facility by preventing drones from flying over and capturing images or videos of the area.

  • Safety

Drone netting can prevent accidents caused by drones, such as collisions with people or buildings.

  • Convenience

Drone netting can create a designated airspace for drones to operate in, making it easier to manage and control drone activity within a facility.

  • Cost-Effective

Drone netting can be a cost-effective solution for securing a facility as it is cheaper than other solutions, such as electronic jamming equipment and physical barriers.

How Golf Range Netting Can Help

Become a master of the skies with Golf Range Netting! Our custom-made enclosures are designed to help you hone and perfect your drone flying skills.

Golf Range Netting provides facilities with an extra layer of protection when using drones. It allows facilities to establish a suitable safety perimeter when conducting drone operations, which helps to reduce any potential risks associated with flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

We have experience helping out different types of organizations – like government agencies and universities – to set up their own safe space to use drones without any risks.

Our team at Golf Range Netting can help you find suitable netting for your specific needs. We offer a variety of containment nets, including a heavy-duty drone catcher, drone flight cages, large, netted enclosures, and lightweight options that are easy to install and maintain. Our professionals collaborate with each client to create the ideal netting solution within the budget.


A drone net is a valuable tool for facilities of all kinds, providing enhanced security and safety measures along with other benefits like increased privacy, noise control, and environmental protection. With its easy installation, robust construction, and reliable performance, drone netting can help keep unwanted drones from entering your facility’s airspace.

Check out our website and consider investing in containment netting today to ensure the safety of your facility and everyone inside.

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