Golf is much more than just an American sport. If you haven’t noticed, a large portion of the golfers who play in the PGA come from all around the world. Golf is a sport that has a heritage rooted in many towns, countries and continents across the globe. America is home to many of the most iconic golf courses out there. However, there are some in other countries that give American courses a run for their money. If you’re a golf enthusiast or just enjoy unique travel, here are some of the top international golf courses you can visit.


The Old Course at St Andrews (St. Andrews, Scotland)

We couldn’t start this list with any course other than the Old Course at St Andrews. This course situated along the coast in Scotland is considered to be the oldest golf course in the world dating all the way back to the 15th century. It features many of golf’s most iconic landmarks like the Swilcan Bridge. Just a quick hour and a half drive north from Edinburgh make this course easily accessible to visitors from all over the world. As the frequent host of The Open Championship, also known as the British Open, the Old Course at St Andrews has cemented itself as one of the most important golf destinations in the world.


The Championship Course at Royal County Down Golf Club (Newcastle, Northern Ireland)

Northern Ireland isn’t a place many people from America have at the top of their vacation list. However, if you’re a golf enthusiast it’s home to one of the top courses in the world. The Championship Course at Royal County Down Golf Club is one of the premier courses in all of the United Kingdom. Its location adjacent to the coast and less than an hour away from the city of Belfast makes it a must-see for those visiting the area.


Cabot Cliffs (Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Cabot Cliffs golf course looks like it was plucked from a postcard. Situated directly along the Cape Breton coastline in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada, Cabot Cliffs is arguably the best course in all of Canada. Its close proximity to the United States makes it one of the best and most accessible international courses you can visit from the states. If you’ve dreamed about playing a full 18 holes from the top of a cliff overlooking the water then Cabot Cliffs is the perfect course for you.


Royal Melbourne Golf Club (Black Rock, Australia)

The Royal Melbourne Golf Club is a 36-hole club located in the suburbs of Melbourne in Southeastern Australia. One of its courses, the West course, is the top-ranked golf course in all of Australia. While this club is the only one on our list that’s not located directly on the water, it’s only minutes away from both Port Phillip Bay and the beautiful southern coast of Australia. The Royal Melbourne Golf Club is no stranger to fame. It’s been the home of the Australian Open more than a dozen times. If you find yourself halfway around the world make sure visiting the Royal Melbourne Golf Club is on your to-do list.


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