Every golfer dreams of living minutes from their morning round of golf. When your property is on a golf course, that dream is a reality, and you can’t beat the view, but is there a downside to living so close to people launching golf balls in your general direction every day? We looked at all the pros and cons of living on a golf course so you can decide if it’s worth it. 



The Views: As we mentioned already, nothing beats the view of the morning fog rising from a pristinely manicured fairway or green spotted with perfect trees, water features, and the occasional waterfowl or deer. 


Built-in Entertainment: While the golfers at your club might not be tour-level pros, it can be fun to enjoy lunch on your back patio while you watch them give your course’s most challenging hole their best shot. Not to mention the chuckle you’ll get when a golfer or two throw their clubs in frustration after shanking the ball. 


A Safe Investment: The safety of living on a golf course is two-fold; financially, having golf-front property protects your home’s value while providing you with a monitored and usually gated community that helps to keep you and your family safe. 



Lack of Privacy: Unfortunately, living in a home with great views of golfers goes both ways. It can feel like living in a fishbowl when hundreds of golfers walk past your home daily.


Too Much Golf: We know, how can you have too much golf? But, too much of anything can be a detriment. When the temptation to play is staring at you through your bedroom window every day, it can lead to too much time on the course instead of finishing that project you’ve been meaning to finish for weeks.


Errant Shots: Nobody wants a golf ball crashing through their kitchen window while cooking breakfast, but that might be what you get when your house overlooks a course where golfers of any skill level can tee off. 


The pros outweigh the cons, and fortunately, we have a solution you can implement for that last concern. If you think your golf course needs to add some safety netting to protect course front homes,  call us for a quote today: (866)938-4448

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