If there’s one sport that’s easily recognizable by its netting, it’s tennis. When you think of tennis it’s likely the first thing you picture is the green court with the iconic net draped across the middle. While it’s easy to understand how significant a court divider net is for tennis, many don’t often realize how important other nets are for the sport too. At Golf Range Netting, we specialize in nets of all shapes and sizes and for many different purposes. One thing we know is that there’s more to tennis netting than just the divider. Surround netting is just as important to the game… and here’s why:



Tennis surround netting provides an added level of safety that isn’t possible without it. These nets completely surround a tennis court to keep all tennis balls within the confines of the play area. If there are any spectators watching from the side or any adjacent sports courts, surround netting helps keep people in those areas safe from injury. If a tennis court is in the vicinity of other sports fields, the surround netting also keeps the players on the field safe from any outside interference.



You might not think of a net as a security barrier, but think again. Nets can actually help prevent against unwanted visitors. In many cases a surround net can act in the same manner as a fence. Installing surround netting around your private or community center court will help deter people from breaching the area. Many surround nets even extend higher than a traditional fence does. If you’re looking for a simple, effective and minimally obtrusive way to secure your tennis court, take a look at surround netting!


Court Designation

Having multiple tennis courts side-by-side is great in theory, but can end up being a nightmare. On a busy day, the courts can be congested with amateur players hitting tennis balls all over the place. At Golf Range Netting, we know how important it is to separate tennis courts even if only with a net. Placing surround netting around each court will provide players a designation between playing areas. While keeping balls within the court and protecting nearby players, the nets also act as a visual aid to help players see the confines of the space.


Tennis surround netting is more than meets the eye. It not only keeps people safe, it adds an additional layer of security and helps designate between adjacent courts. If you’d like to learn how tennis surround netting can benefit you contact Golf Range Netting today at 866-938-4448.

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