Handheld drones have seen an explosion in commercial and personal use in recent years. From land surveying to movie production, drones and drone operators have popped up to give us a new angle from which to solve problems. Drones are lightweight, relatively inexpensive compared to other methods of aerial imaging collection, and pilotable by anyone willing to commit some time to training.

Among those hopping on the drone train is the U.S. government. Whether it’s a National Guard rescue unit that use these drones to help locate stranded people after a storm, or federal law enforcement agencies that use them to search large areas quickly, drones are being deployed in new ways every day to help solve problems and save lives faster than ever before. Another government branch expanding the use of handheld drones is the Army; on the battlefield, information is literally a matter of life and death, that’s why the Army started experimenting with handheld drones that could offer troops on the ground a real-time view of the battlefield in the palm of their hands. With the Army securing a contract with drone manufacturer, Skydio, earlier this year it looks like the role of the drone is only going to grow.

Training these troops to reliably pilot drones is no small task, especially when they’re starting with no previous experience. That’s why reliable training facilities that allow new drone pilots to experiment with their craft safely are critical to the handheld drone program’s development. When troops are in the field, they need to be able to deploy and pilot these drones as second nature, but to do that they need plenty of hands-on experience.

Golf Range Netting has specialized drone range netting designed to give troops a safe place to hone their skills without endangering surrounding people or property. We have already completed two drone training enclosures at Fort Bragg and an army research laboratory in Silver Spring, Maryland. While the role of the drone is expanding every day, we have the experience necessary to create long-lasting, custom netting solutions to help develop drone training facilities across all government sectors. If you are in the market for a custom drone enclosure contact us today for a free consultation!

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