Hurricane season is now underway as we come to the end of June. We’ve already seen three named storms and the most active storm months are still ahead of us. Researchers predict that the Atlantic will see up to 20 named storms this year, following 2020’s historic number of major hurricanes.


If you’re in a hurricane hazard area – essentially anywhere along the coastline in the Northeast – now is the time to properly prepare your facility by adding or upgrading to a storm safety netting system. There are two basic types of netting systems that can safeguard against unexpected damages caused by everyday thunderstorms so common in Florida or by stronger winds that accompany major storm systems, like named hurricanes:


Retractable Netting

Retractable netting is ideal for areas that see a regular cadence of storm activity. You can retract the nets at any time to protect them from high winds and heavy rain. While our structures are built to withstand more force than our competitors, the option to retract a netting barrier or backstop can come in handy when facing a regular afternoon downpour.


Breakaway Netting

On the other hand, breakaway netting can help reduce the risk of permanent structural damage during strong winds. You can release the top section of nets to ensure your netting structure doesn’t collapse under intense force from tropical storm strength winds. Installing a breakaway netting system can ultimately prevent costly structural repairs. After all, simply replacing a section of netting is much easier than repairing damaged or bent poles and netting infrastructure.


If you’re not sure which system is right for your facility, give us a call today at (866) 938-4448. Our team of netting experts has more than 25 years of experience and can find the best sports netting solution for your needs. We’ve installed both types of netting systems across the country and can help with all your netting needs.

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