Quality, long-lasting netting systems that you know are done right can only come from professionals with the right experience to get the job done. The team at Golf Range Netting lives and breathes custom netting design and construction and brings more than three decades of experience to each project. As full-service netting experts, we have extensive experience managing large-scale field projects and safety improvements for facilities across the entire country. In a world of DIY, let’s talk about why netting solutions are best left to the pros:


First and foremost, professional sports netting helps protect players and fans alike. Rather than errant fly balls, wild field goal kicks or soccer punts potentially clobbers spectators, our long-lasting netting systems safely enclose the game. In addition to protecting athletes and attendees, nearby residents, businesses and communities will benefit from this added layer of protection from possible damage. You won’t need to worry about a pop fly balls breaking nearby car windows!

Our expert team designs sports netting systems specific to your facility’s needs. Our versatile netting options are an easy, flexible way to enhance your existing facility. We offer portable, retractable options and take the time to evaluate what works best for your budget.


Enclosing the game through professional grade sports netting helps practice and competition run smoothly. Instead of chasing down lost throws or running off the field to collect soccer balls, our customized netting solutions make practice more efficient by containing the play. Athletes at your facility will spend more time honing their skills and less time retrieving balls.

Our team can also design a multi-use system so that the netting can be used as a backstop for practice swings and kicks, along with added player safety along the edge of the arena or field of play.

If you’d like to learn more about our professional netting systems and upgrades, don’t hesitate to contact Golf Range Netting for a free consultation today. Give us a call at (855)868-0312!



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