You’ve heard us talk a lot about sports netting – from baseball to soccer to tennis and even drone racing! However, there’s one activity we’ve yet to discuss where netting is essential. Paintball! If you’ve ever been a paintball player or spectator, surely you’re aware of the significance of having nets and why they are so beneficial.

If you’re a paintball park owner or are getting into playing the sport, keep reading to learn why having proper netting can keep people safe and enhance the playing experience.

Paintball Nets

Just like other sports, netting plays a large role in the world of paintball. In paintball parks all around the world, you’re sure to find a few of the same things: barriers, bunkers, barrels and, you guessed it, nets. While the purpose of the other items is apparent, not many realize that nets serve more than one purpose. Paintball parks use nets for many different reasons, but the two they’re mostly used for are safety and field separation.


Like other sports, netting is important for keeping both players and spectators safe. In baseball, nets stop the baseballs from leaving the field and injuring fans. The same goes for paintball. The nets surrounding the play area keep players and paintballs contained inside and safely away from the rest of the public. Paintballs travel at high rates of speed and can cause severe injuries when contacted. Players wear body and eye gear to protect them from receiving serious injuries, however, spectators and employees don’t. When a paintball misses its target, the net will stop it from reaching anything beyond the field.

Field Separation

At paintball parks, there’s usually more than one playing field. While some are large and others small, designating between each field is important to ensure players stay in the right area. This is where netting comes in. Nets are a great way to separate areas of a paintball park, so players know where their boundaries are. It also protects people on neighboring fields from getting hit by another’s paintballs.

Paintball, while not as well-known as other mainstream sports, does have a large following of its own. If you’re a player, know a player, or even run a paintball park, you are already aware of this. One thing you might not be aware of is that the team at Golf Range Netting specializes in much more than just golf range nets. We install and maintain nets of all shapes, sizes and purposes. From the golf course to the baseball field and even to paintball parks, we can do it all. If you’re interested in paintball nets, contact Golf Range Netting at 866-938-4448 to speak to one of our professionals today!

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