It’s a New Year! Now is the perfect time for getting organized at home and in your business. The beginning of the year is the best time to evaluate the safety of your sports facilities and that includes checking the integrity of your sports netting.


Without a doubt, when game balls leave the field of play, they can easily and quickly become a hazard to objects and people outside of the boundaries. With the rise of fans sustaining injuries in recent years, keeping spectators safe has never been more important. Backstop netting and barrier netting provide necessary containment.


That’s why conducting annual safety tests of your sports netting is essential and ensures the safety of players and spectators at your facility.


In addition to regular wear and tear from gameplay, sports netting takes a beating from the sun and rain. In Florida, we see a range of severe weather conditions, from hurricane strength winds and torrential rain to blazing sun on those 100 degree days. Northeast Florida’s climate can be brutal for sport netting and can weaken the polyester or nylon fibers which is why it’s vital to evaluate nets regularly that undergo these extreme weather conditions.


Here are the four major things to look for to determine if netting needs replaced:

  • Fraying – When the fibers of the netting begin to fray, the overall strength and integrity of the netting becomes compromised.
  • Major Drooping – Over time due to usage and the impact of weather, netting may naturally droop. A saggy or droopy net won’t effectively stop stray balls.
  • Holes or tears in netting – Holes or large tears in your sports netting are obvious issues for a variety of safety and gameplay reasons. Not to mention, tears in netting are unsightly and can lessen the overall aesthetic of your facility.
  • Large amount of dirt or mold – Large amounts of rain can result in mold growing on sports netting which can weaken the fibers of the netting over time resulting in an unsafe sports net.


If you notice any of these issues with your sports netting, the experts at Golf Range Netting are here to help. Our team has more than 24 years of industry experience and can help you determine the next steps to keep your facility safe and visually appealing. Call us today at (877) 578-0207!

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