American football has been the country’s favorite sport year after year. If you’ve ever seen a game – and we’re sure you have at some point – you’ve witnessed football netting in use. The time has finally come to discuss America’s favorite sport and why netting is so crucial to the game.


Goal Post Netting

The most widespread use of football netting is behind the goal post. The goal post nets are raised when a team is kicking a field goal or a PAT (point after touchdown). Kicking a field goal or a PAT requires a kicker to – you guessed it – kick a football through the uprights of a goal post. Upon a completed or a missed kick, the football contacts the goal post netting and is safely brought to the ground. Without this crucial netting, the football would continue past the goal post and into the stands. Football teams of all levels rely on this netting to keep their spectators safe.


Practice Field Netting

One place that often goes overlooked is a football practice field. Even though they’re just practice areas, they still need to implement safety measures to keep people safe. A way teams are securing their practice areas is with football netting. Netting can be installed around the perimeter of a field or a practice area to keep footballs from going out of bounds. Additionally, nets can be an excellent deterrent for keeping trespassers out of your sports fields. A problem that field managers often have is keeping kids and young adults out of their spaces when they aren’t in use. Netting experts like Golf Range Netting can create a custom netting system fit for your space to address any safety and security concerns.


Like other sports, football has and will always benefit from the use of nets. From protecting fans to adding an extra layer of security, football netting is a smart investment for your football field. Netting has always been a vital part of the game and we expect we will see even more teams expanding their netting systems in the next few years. If you would like to learn how your football or other sports fields can benefit from custom netting, contact Golf Range Netting today at 866-938-4448!

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