Despite the name, Golf Range Netting makes far more than driving range nets for golf facilities. We can create sport netting systems for a variety of sports, including baseball or softball, soccer, football, tennis, or lacrosse. Golf Range Netting provides netting and equipment used by casual recreational athletes and professional facility managers alike. Our industry experts bring more than 24 years of experience to the company and know the best netting for not only each sport, but each skill level within those sports.


Across a range of sports like soccer, golf, baseball, lacrosse, football, tennis – no matter what netting is needed, for children nowadays to excel in their sport they must have the opportunity to practice at home. Without home netting, that practice becomes much more difficult. At home nets can help avoid broken windows from errant balls or time wasted running after or searching for lost balls. At home nets also allow for solo practice of team sport skills. For example, many soccer drills can be conducted alone if you have access to a strong, stable at-home goal. An at-home golf range net also provides one of the only ways to practice golf without having to pay for it.


Additionally, the type of netting required for at-home practice differs from professional grade netting. Recreational netting is usually a very affordable, lower ply cord which is durable and reliable while not being high-grade enough for excessive use and faster moving balls seen in collegiate or professional sports. The experts at Golf Range Netting can always help determine the best netting for your needs at all skill levels.


Beyond skill level, different sports have different netting requirements. For example, tennis nets and baseball nets serve entirely different purposes. In baseball, foul ball netting keeps spectators safe and saves time. While in tennis, the net is an essential part of the gameplay. The installation and setup of tennis netting is vital to smooth matches on the court. Without a tennis net that stays taut and upright, the game cannot be properly played.


Driving range nets are important for communities that do not have the land to have a full-size driving range. It allows smaller real estate areas to offer something to the community. These nets are important for areas with a high volume of traffic or nearby residential neighborhoods.


Goal netting is vital to a number of sports. Without properly functioning goals, sports like soccer and lacrosse would look a lot different!


No matter the sport or skill level, the experts at Golf Range Netting can assess what you need, provide quality service at a price to fit your budget. Call us today at (877) 578-0207!






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