Yes, landfill/litter netting is necessary – and we’re going to tell you why.


Landfills are full of garbage, literally. Spanning acres and acres, a landfill usually contains all the garbage produced by an entire city or region. If you really think about that it’s mindboggling the amount of trash that gets dropped off at a landfill every day. To try to contain the trash and make the best use of the land available, landfills often make large piles to take advantage of the empty space above. At Golf Range Netting, we’ve noticed an issue many landfills have with managing the containment of litter and garbage at their facilities that we know our netting can help solve.

Waste & Debris Management

Landfills, recycling centers and other commercial waste centers often find themselves faced with the never-ending predicament of waste containment. While the majority of the waste stays put in compact piles, pieces often fly away in the wind and can become a nuisance to surrounding landowners. Fortunately, this problem can be addressed quickly with the addition of one simple thing: netting. Installing netting around the perimeter of a landfill is a way to better contain pieces of litter and garbage to their designated areas.


Animal Barrier

Landfill netting can be more than just a way to contain waste once it enters the property – it’s also a way to keep things out. Installing a tall netting structure around the exterior of a landfill can keep those pesky critters out who shouldn’t be there. Have you ever heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” For many animals that phrase is taken quite literally. Netting can better protect a landfill from animals, like raccoons for example, who might want to start a scavenger hunt for their next meal. When left unprotected, animals can easily disturb the carefully-sculpted mounds of litter and leave trash scattered all around a property. The neighbors surrounding the landfill will also be happy to hear that animals won’t be given an opportunity to carry litter out into the community.


At Golf Range Netting, we understand the need to specialize in more than just sports netting. Many different industries and professions can benefit from netting that aren’t athletic in nature. Landfills are the perfect example of this. Contact Golf Range Netting today at 866-938-4448 to discuss the options and many benefits landfill netting can bring to your property.

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