Lacrosse is the oldest organized sport in North America and arguably the fastest growing in the United States. This year alone, 20 colleges added lacrosse to their sports programs. This should come as no surprise to you if you’ve ever been to a lacrosse game. The sport is fast paced, full of action and packed with precision moves up and down the field.

Sports equipment can get expensive. With the range of gear you’re purchasing, you want to make sure your equipment will work effectively for a long time. With more people than ever before are looking for the best lacrosse gear, including goals and netting. So what netting equipment is really worth the investment?

Goal Netting

Shots in lacrosse can range from 60 to as high as 105 miles per hour. In the average game, each team scores around ten goals per game which means goals are scored every few plays. This is only one reason why this is a great spectator sport! There’s just enough scoring to keep fans interested. Keeping that in mind, goals need to withstand high velocity shots and stand up to the outdoor elements over time. While a basic frame and a net seems simple, there’s a lot to know about lacrosse goals; indoor vs outdoor, recreational or regulation.  But no matter the  kind of lacrosse you’re running with, all goals need reinforced nylon nets to withstand fast shots.


Backstop Netting

Of all the sports netting, lacrosse backstop barriers may be one of the most useful! Nothing slows down the flow of a game or practice more than having to chase down a stray ball or missed goal. Backstop barriers catch stray balls and are built to withstand fast hits. These handy barriers can help prevent balls hitting the neighbor’s house or disappearing into the woods. You won’t see backstop barriers in professional games anytime soon but they certainly make missing a goal in practice a little less stressful and far more efficient. We’d all prefer to spend practice perfecting our skills rather than searching for errant balls. Youth practice fields can benefit from backstop barriers for more fun and efficient training sessions.


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