While Golf is in our company’s name and we design a ton of sports netting solutions, there’s a need for industrial netting solutions too! Beyond sports, there’s safety netting, contraband netting and the entire industrial netting category. Today, we’re going to explain what industrial netting is and the four main kinds of industrial netting. We define industrial netting as netting solutions needed to contain litter and debris. There are four sub categories:

  • Construction Debris Netting – These are typically temporary netting systems designed to contain debris around major construction sites. Given the temporary nature of these systems, they require a different kind of design and often use lower grade materials since the system doesn’t need to stand the test of time.
  • Landfill & Debris Netting – This kind of netting system is permanent and designed to mitigate or completely contain windblown debris at landfills. We have hands-on experience designing these kinds of netting systems all across the country to meet a variety of rigorous environmental standards.
  • Recycle & Waste Netting – Similar to landfill systems, netting systems at recycling facilities must also enclose wind blown debris or waste. We use specialty netting materials that are wind resistant for both systems. The key difference between landfill netting and netting for a recycling facility is in the layout. Some recycling facilities may have busier operations within the area that needs netting.

Our team of netting experts has over 25 years of experience in the industry. We’ve designed and built industrial netting solutions as far away as Tucson, Arizona to Riverview, Michigan. Learn more and get a free consultation today by calling us at (877) 965-4699.

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