Professional grade netting serves a wide variety of uses outside of the sports world. While the average person may immediately think of backstop or flyball netting when thinking of professional netting, the experts at Golf Range Netting know there’s far more use cases in the industrial and commercial industries that require their own level of expertise.


For example, perimeter nettings structures are vitally important for landfill operators. A properly installed landfill netting system can prevent trash and debris from blowing out of the landfill and into nearby community developments. Not only does landfill netting prevent an eyesore, but it can also help save landfill operators on the costs of additional cleanup of these potential environmental hazards. We recently installed landfill netting at the Riverview Land Preserve in Riverview Michigan to prevent trash from blowing right into a nearby pond. This type of installation takes experience and engineering skill to ensure difficult factors, like wind patterns, the size of the landfill, and the distance neighboring properties, are all taken into account. Our durable netting solutions for your facility’s industrial needs provide custom solutions designed to contain litter and debris, ensure easy maintenance access and reduced clean up.


We also provide contraband prevention and prison netting that can help reduce and deter the delivery of contraband.  The addition of enclosed barrier and rooftop netting stops the possibilities of airborne contraband. Our team of experts have worked with correctional facilities from Ohio to Texas to design, engineer and install netting systems to solve the unique problem of preventing items being tossed into secured areas. Contraband netting can be designed with a skirt system to be installed directly under existing barbed wire to help keep any contraband from coming into recreational courtyards from the outsiders.


Our solutions help protect property and workers from demand and injury and ultimately help you reach your goals – whether that is contraband prevention or limiting environmental impact of a landfill or construction site. Regardless of what kind of work you do, our experts can create a netting solution to meet your specific goals. Call us today at (866) 938-4448 to get started!






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