Unless you live in a perpetually warm area, it can be hard or impossible to get onto a course to work on your game. So what should avid golfers do when the courses are closed, or it’s not practical to suffer through 18 holes of freezing weather?


Professional golfers’ offseason strategies vary wildly, but one common theme we can take away from the pros is that the offseason is the best time to work on your swing or make changes to your game. When you’re not golfing every week, you can take the time necessary to switch up your swing and focus on the mechanics of your game without worrying about the results mid-change. It’s also a great opportunity to strength train and build up your core and leg muscles to make your swing more effortless and consistent while extending your range. Training while you don’t have to worry about being sore for your round the next day is a huge relief. The focus of your offseason should be self-improvement and form. Make sure to take a break from worrying about your score and getting familiar with your game’s ins and outs. 


While working on your form and building up your body are excellent winter golf alternatives, if you want to come back in the spring better than ever, you have to be able to hit some balls. The easiest way to do that while ranges and courses are closed is to build your own custom netting enclosure. We specialize in creating custom netting solutions for any scenario, including backyard driving enclosures to help you perfect your swing for the spring. We have the expertise and experience to create a custom netting solution for your needs in any weather. 


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