Mother Nature works in mysterious ways. One minute you see nothing but clear, blue skies and sunshine and before you know it, the sky is pitch black and the air is heavy with swollen rain. The forces of nature can cause unparalleled destruction to your home and business, and it is important to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario. Netting is a valuable investment for your business and making sure it can withstand the elements must be taken into account when preparing for unpredictable weather. To ensure your netting is storm proof, Golf Range Netting recommends investing in retractable or breakable netting for your facility.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is upon us, the starting date is June 1 to be exact, and it is important to be ready for everything this season has the potential to throw at us. Major storms, like hurricanes, can bring heavy rain and gale-force winds, which can cause serious damage to netting on your property. Debris, such as tree limbs, can slice up the netting when flung as a projectile in high winds. With Golf Range Netting, based in Florida, we have experience dealing with hurricanes and preparing netting systems for powerful storms.

Retractable Netting

Retractable netting is a popular method to ensure the safety of your nets during a major storm and is easy to maintain. With retractable netting, you are able to take down the nets prior to high winds. with the use of a winch. Although your netting is tough, it’s always good to be able to take it down whenever you feel there is trouble brewing on the horizon.

Retractable netting is a surefire way to protect your nets from a major storm. For example, if a facility is located in an area with trees and limbs, it runs the risk of the netting being seriously damaged in the event of a hurricane. Not only will the netting be shredded, costing thousands of dollars of hard work and repair, but the structure could also be damaged. With retractable netting, if a major storm is coming you are able to take down the netting at your convenience. By investing in retractable netting, you have optimal control of your facility and will sleep better at night knowing your netting is safe.

Breakaway Netting

Breakaway netting ensures the safety of your structure during a major storm and keeps your netting system structurally sound during a storm. This type of netting actually allows you to release the top section of the net to reduce the risk of permanent structural damage to your property during a storm. If there is a case where you are unable to get the netting down in time before a storm hits, the structure will be safe and can be fixed when the bad weather passes.

We at Golf Range Netting know how important it is to be prepared for all kinds of weather. Contact Golf Range Netting at 866-938-4448 to discuss which kind of netting is the best for your facility.

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