Netting is an excellent solution for many different applications. From sports fields to drone training facilities and beyond, nets are only becoming more popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. One place you might not think would want to invest in more netting right now are correctional facilities. However, you would be wrong. Netting is a huge help for prisons and jails overall and now even more since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Continue reading to learn how netting helps correctional facilities during COVID-19 and how it will continue to be a benefit even after the pandemic ends.


Expanding Outdoor Facilities

The bigger the space, the better. The same goes for prisons too. A top priority for many prison or jail facilities is to expand their footprint, so people have more room to spread out. An easy and efficient way to do this is by bringing the indoors to the outdoors. Adding or increasing the size of outdoor recreational facilities is vital. Now more than ever, people need the ability to get outside and in the fresh air. COVID-19 has increased the need for prisons and jails to expand their outdoor facilities, and we will likely see these expansions continue for a long time coming. A custom netting system can work for any space, even correctional facilities. Professionals like those at Golf Range Netting can recommend a solution to fit your specific needs best.


Limiting Contraband Flow

One of the most popular types of correctional netting is contraband netting. This netting is typically installed around the perimeter of prisons or jails to help keep contraband from entering the facility. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s essential to ensure contraband that could be contaminated with the virus is not finding its way inside. If someone infected with the virus has handled an item that’s then passed off to someone inside a facility, the virus can spread inside like wildfire. In prisons and jails, people are often held in confined spaces and share the use of common areas. All it takes is one piece of contraband to bring the virus into the prison and start a massive outbreak. Correctional contraband netting will always be necessary even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. If you’re considering investing in a contraband netting system for your facility, now is probably the best time to do it.


Correctional netting is and will always be a crucial component of a facility’s infrastructure. From creating outdoor recreational spaces to preventing contraband flow, netting is a solution every facility should consider. Contact the Golf Range Netting team today at 866-938-4448 to learn how netting can help you now during COVID-19 and beyond.

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