Netting isn’t just for the sports field or the golf course, it can be beneficial in many commercial settings too. At Golf Range Netting, we’ve noticed a spike in interest for correctional facility netting. Jails, prisons and other related facilities have more than one problem that netting is able to fix. From reducing the flow of contraband to separating areas within the premises without losing visibility, here’s exactly how netting is proving to be a huge help. 

Reducing Contraband
When netting is added around the exterior of a prison, it can raise the effectiveness of existing barriers. While most fencing around prisons can’t easily be climbed over, it is easy to throw things over. Contraband items finding their way into prisons has always been an issue. With short fences, things like cell phones and other items can easily be thrown over a fence by someone on the outside. Something as simple as increasing the height of exterior barriers with netting is helping prisons cut down on the amount of contraband finding its way inside.

Contraband is also making its way into prisons with the assistance of drones. Nowadays, it’s easier than you think to fly a drone over a prison or prison yard and drop something. They can be small and not easily seen or heard by guards, making them a real threat to the solidity of prisons. Netting can be installed across the top of any open spaces like yards, gardens or sports courts to prevent drones from accessing prison grounds. While a fence is a great deterrent, it’s simply not going to stop contraband from entering correctional facilities as well as a netting enclosure can.

Creating New Barriers
In correctional facilities, it’s important to keep certain groups of people separated from others at times. This helps the guards monitor activity and prevents inmates from accessing certain areas. In response, jails and prisons are beginning to install netting, especially in outdoor settings. One of the things most important to the guards is visibility. Netting solves this issue in a quick, easy and more cost-effective way compared to other methods. In the past, walls had to be constructed in order to separate areas, which completely diminished all lines of sight. Pair this netting with more surrounding the exterior boundaries of the facility and you have a more safe and secure premises for everyone.

Netting can serve many purposes in sports, at public parks and even in prisons. If your correctional facility is facing a contraband problem, netting may be the answer. Furthermore, if you just need help designating between areas while maintaining visibility, netting is likely the solution you’ve been searching for. When safety and security are on the line, there’s no extra step that isn’t worth taking.
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