Avid golfers know firsthand how challenging the game of golf can be and know the importance of practice. In addition to playing rounds, practicing your swing on the driving range is essential to building muscle memory and skillfully judging the distance of your clubs. None of this is possible if a golf course or sports facility lacks proper driving range netting and enclosures.


Here are the top three reasons why every golf course needs a properly enclosed driving range:

  1. Reduce liability – Our team of experts specializes in golf range netting and barriers. We know the applicable laws governing sports facilities and can help reduce liability with a professional netting installation. Our nets are installed to keep errant balls from causing any harm.
  2. Improve player and spectator safety – Barrier and range netting ensures spectator and player safety during competitions and amateur play. The average golf ball travels at nearly 180 mph off the tee. Our golf range netting can prevent errant balls from hitting an unfortunate passer-by.
  3. Protect property РPrevent stray golf balls from damaging cars in the parking lot with proper driving range netting. Expertly installed driving range netting also ensures nearby residential or commercial properties are protected, further reducing your facility’s liability.


No two golf courses or driving ranges are alike which is why a trained eye is required to determine the exact needs of a facility. Our team of experts has handled driving range netting installations across the country from Ponte Vedra Inn & Club to Blair Country Golf in Pennsylvania. Our name is Golf Range Netting, after all! We take into consideration the liabilities present and the distances to these liabilities to offer recommendations on height to offer the best solution for ball retainage and safety. Let our seasoned team of netting engineers take care of all your driving range needs. Call us today at (866)938-4448 to get started on your netting needs.

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