We are a few short weeks away from the National Hockey League’s pre-season and some youth leagues are already preparing to return to the ice. Before coaches, athletes and families begin showing up at your facility for early practice, now is the perfect time to examine your goal nets and protective nettings.


Imagine the stands full of cheering families as action gets underway. A puck goes flying, tears through an aging netting barrier and strikes a fan causing serious harm. While it may seem farfetched, this happens more often than you may realize. Just a few years ago, a puck struck a fan at a Lightning playoffs game leaving her with a black eye. Unfortunately, there are many more devastating cases of injuries caused by rogue pucks. The most well-known is the death of then 13-year-old Brittanie Cecil when a puck was deflected into the stands, hitting her on the temple in 2002.


Slapshots, even from amateurs, can reach up to 100 miles per hour. Hockey perimeter netting creates a barrier between fans and errant shots. Properly installed and maintained sports netting offers durable, reliable protection and can help prevent nightmare scenarios of injured spectators.


Our experts can advise on the best netting options to provide maximum safety and visibility for spectators. We also offer complete installation services. Golf Range Netting offers goal nets, backstop netting and protective barrier netting using high-quality polyester that is built to last.


Installing protective netting in your ice rink can prevent financially crippling lawsuits and keep your spectators safe. It is vital for facility owners to conduct regular maintenance and replace aging or damaged netting. Don’t let an errant puck injury be the reason you’re featured on the local news. Give us a call today at (866) 938-4448 and we’ll help you evaluate your sports netting needs and provide a custom quote!

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