With hockey season starting next month, it’s an excellent time to discuss hockey rink safety. Everybody knows how rough and tumble hockey can be on the ice. Still, many people may not realize that when hockey pucks get lifted off the ice and over the usual glass barrier, they can become dangerous missiles that cause severe injuries and even death. 


While the players on the ice are required to wear helmets, visors, and mouthguards, the spectators sitting above the glass barrier are unprotected and often not ready to avoid an errant puck rocketing off the ice. Unfortunately, these loose pucks can lead to severe head injuries like broken teeth, damaged eyes, and concussions. In a few tragic instances, these head injuries have led to death. The severity of these injuries has led some to criticize and even take legal action against hockey venues that don’t have a netting system to protect the spectators. While some organizations have installed netting behind the goals to back up the glass barrier, this still exposes the rink’s side. But even with 100% coverage, a poorly maintained net can be useless against a full-power slapshot going 100 miles per hour. Nets kept in these cold environments can age faster than managers realize and offer little protection when it matters most. That’s why who you call to install your netting makes such a big difference.  


Despite our company name, at Golf Range Netting, we don’t only do golf netting. We have the experience and knowledge required to install custom netting solutions from all kinds of hockey venues. Whether you have an outdoor practice rink or a professional arena, we can set up safety netting to help keep the puck out of the crowd and on the ice. 


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