Golf courses are designed to be places where you go to relax and unwind from the stresses of life. There are various ways a golf course can incite a pleasurable experience, whether it be beautiful grass, flowers, background, facilities, etc., but one thing that most don’t think about is the netting. Adding professional netting around a course and driving range can immediately take them to new heights. Golf course netting adds a layer of safety, protects against legal ramifications and defines separate spaces, which all work together to create a course that’s a joy to play. 

Safety First

Safety is always the top priority. There’s not one golfer out there that hasn’t had a close call in one way or another. Also, most courses have at least one place where people or golf carts can cross the path of a flying golf ball. Without proper netting in place, these instances may result in serious injury or property damage. It’s even more crucial that netting surrounds a driving range as the number of golf balls concentrated in this one area increases the chances for some to go off-course. The last thing that any golfer should have to worry about is harming others. Adding this necessary precaution will make everyone feel safer both on and around the course.

Protecting Your Assets

Along with safety issues, a golf course could face legal troubles if an injury or damage occurs. The best way to reduce the chances of a situation like this from happening is with netting. Additionally, the netting must be installed legally and must follow all your states rules and regulations to comply with safety standards. If not, that could expose your course to legal and insurance issues. At Golf Range Netting, we always adhere to the specific laws pertaining to your area. This ensures that every netting system we install will do its job to keep you, your course and your customers as safe as possible and will meet building wind code for your area.

Designated Areas

For all courses, separating areas is a necessity. Golf netting provides an easy way to differentiate between areas of the course without hindering sightlines. If a driving range backs up to the main course, netting is needed to keep golf balls from flying onto the course. Also, any permanent structures like a clubhouse, bathrooms and restaurants need to be protected for safety reasons. If there’s no way to construct these facilities far enough away from the course, netting will create a necessary safety barrier between players and people off the course.

Installing great golf course netting is a must. There are many reasons why this is so important, but improving safety, avoiding legal issues and establishing designated areas are some of the main motives behind adding netting to every driving range and course.

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