Golf netting systems are a necessary piece of sporting equipment to keep golf balls on the range or course where they belong. Furthermore, they prevent property damage and spectator safety, which comes with stray balls.

Because of this, barrier netting is crucial for golfers who want to enjoy the range or work on their swing. However, having netting won’t make it a seamless experience; you’ll need to add some accessories for a better golfing session.

Why Do You Need Accessories?

Accessories for golf netting may appear to be a minor part of the game, but they are essential for working with golf netting systems.

First and foremost, high-speed golf balls can be dangerous for people and surrounding places. By strengthening the structure’s durability, accessories like impact panels guarantee that the netting stays in place and stops balls from injuring or damaging property.

They prolong the netting’s lifespan by guarding against deterioration brought on by frequent ball collisions, severe weather, and other external factors.

Practice sessions are made easier with accessories like target flags and ball retrieval systems. The former helps improve accuracy, while the latter saves time so players can concentrate on their game without stopping to retrieve balls.

Considerations Before Choosing Golf Netting Accessories

Before diving into the types of accessories you can get, it’s crucial to consider a few factors that would affect your choice:

Netting Fabric: The mesh size, tensile strength, texture, thickness, and weave pattern of the netting fabric can affect how well accessories work with it. These factors can influence the design and attaching methods of accessories.

Location and User Skill Level: Depending on where you plan to use the netting system and the skill level of the golfers, different accessories might be more beneficial.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Choose easy-to-install, modify, and maintain accessories. Consider how well they work with the current netting and how simple it is to replace or fix them as needed.

Types of Golf Netting Accessories

Now that you’ve considered netting fabric, ease of installation, where to put your netting, and many other factors, it’s time to pick your accessory. Here are some golf netting accessories we think you can consider:

Impact Panels: Impact panels are a simple and economical way to significantly extend the life of your golf cages and practice nets. They are made of sturdy materials like heavy-duty vinyl or high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which prevent the netting from deteriorating quickly. Impact panels absorb the force of the balls, allowing you to practice your swing without worrying about breaking anything or losing balls. They also help lower noise levels, creating a more peaceful and conducive environment for focused training.

Target Flags: Target flags can be added to your golf netting to help improve your aim, alignment, and precision. They are usually secured on the net and used as a large area for safe practice. Besides, target flags absorb high ball impact and loud noises, making the practice environment safer and more comfortable.

Ball Retrieval Systems: These systems come with attached ball-collecting baskets or pouches fastened to the netting, eliminating the need for manual ball retrieval. They save time and provide a confidence boost when taking challenging strokes. Training with a retriever can also improve your general course management technique, helping you become more comfortable with different hazards on the course.

Investing in a Quality Golf Barrier Netting

While accessories are important, the foundation of a good golf netting system lies in the quality of the barrier netting itself. Investing in high-quality golf barrier netting is advisable to ensure it lasts longer and you don’t have to replace it frequently.

How Can Golf Range Netting Help You?

With over 24 years of experience, Golf Range Netting has provided specialized netting solutions nationally and internationally. We ensure our golf netting is made of high-quality materials so that your accessories are attached properly, offering a seamless golfing experience. Reach out to Golf Range Netting for custom golf nets or quotes for golf barrier netting, and take a step towards improving your range today!

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