Fall sports are just around the corner, so now is the time to start maintenance and safety checks on all the equipment at your sports facility or complex.


With all the excitement around women’s soccer at the summer Olympics, you may have more children than ever signing up for youth soccer leagues, so let’s talk about soccer field and goal post care.


Safety should be the number one priority of any sports facility manager. Improperly installed or damaged goal posts pose serious risks for players and coaches. Additionally, quality soccer goals don’t come cheap. Taking proper care of your soccer nets can ensure they last for the long haul.


Soccer goal posts should be inspected once a year for a range of concerns. Here are the three key items you’ll want to check:


  • Hardware – Be sure to tighten or replace missing or damaged hardware. Metal clips and bolts can become rusted and unstable over time.
  • Netting – Examine the netting of the goal post for tears or fraying. Nets are susceptible to damage from the elements and children climbing or pulling on the netting. Be sure there are enough net fasteners to properly attach the net to the goal.
  • The Frame – Inspect the frame of the goal post itself for rusty areas. Take the time to sand down any visible rust and apply a fresh coat of paint before the fall season gets underway.


Right now, as summer winds down and before the school season with after-school practices and matches begin, is the perfect time for this annual inspection. You’ll have just enough time to make necessary repairs, replace any worn sports netting, and make sure all your soccer goals are safe and in the best working condition.


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