Lacrosse season is just around the corner! Regular season college games begin in about a month while youth teams are preparing for practices and tryouts in the coming weeks.


Lacrosse has often been called the “fastest game on two feet” and is described as a blend of soccer, hockey, and basketball rolled into one fast-paced, action-packed sport.


So how can you prepare your sporting facility for the upcoming season and what equipment do you actually need to support this popular sport? Our sports netting experts are here to share a breakdown of the essential training tools needed for lacrosse.


Lacrosse Goals

Lacrosse goals range in size and netting material depending on the level of play and environment. An outdoor lacrosse goal is 6 feet wide by 6 feet high by 7 feet deep, while indoor nets are smaller, usually 4 feet wide by 4 feet high. The netting itself is important too since shots in lacrosse can travel up to 105 miles per hour! To avoid dealing with ripped nets the first time a team hits the field, you’ll want to invest in thicker netting. In addition to thickness, selecting the right netting material, either nylon, polyester, or polypropylene, is essential.  Our experts can advise on what makes the most sense for your needs.


Lacrosse Barricades and Backstop Netting

Shot drills are a key component to lacrosse practice. Barricades and backstop netting can protect families and spectators during practice and help practices run more efficiently by giving athletes more time perfecting their skills instead of chasing down balls. Lacrosse barricades should be constructed from rust proof and weatherproof materials, non-knotted netting for longer durability and be easy to move and position around the field.  Our experts recommend purchasing multiple barricades for better positioning. This type of barricade can be used for a range of sports, making your sports facility equipment even more versatile.


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