We are in the dog days of summer and fall football practice may be the last thing on your mind, but now is the best time to evaluate your sports facility and make appropriate upgrades, including sports netting.


The preseason and training camps for football season are just a few short weeks away. Properly installed sports netting is a major part of your facility’s checklist before opening to keep athletes, coaches, training staff and fans safe.


While proper attention must be paid to the gear athletes wear, the environment in which they practice and perform must also be kept safe and up to code. Netting helps keep the game on the field, not in the stands, and helps protect spectators. At Golf Range Netting, we have nearly three decades of experience developing, supplying, and maintaining sports netting systems.


A key piece of keeping your facility properly functioning is checking the condition of your netting. Understanding how to spot unusual wear, damage, or even improper use, and recognizing when to call in a professional to implement repairs can help lower your facility’s liability and keep your guests and athletes safe.


Netting is more than just the nets themselves. When inspecting and evaluating your netting system, here are the two major items you’ll want to review:


  1. Support cables and hardware – Check these for any twists, kinks, or fraying strands. Be sure there are no missing pieces and pay close attention to see if any rust has formed that could impact the strength of the hardware. Don’t wait too long to repair any rusted components because the rust can seep into the fiber of the netting itself and corrode it from within.
  2. Netting cuts or pulls – Fraying netting material can be a sign of aging material, contact abrasion, or the natural wear and tear of the outdoor elements, such as wind and rain. Be sure to also check the stitching along the seams of your netting for any loose or unraveling strands.


Want to know more about sports netting? Are you gearing up for the fall sports season and want to make sure your athletes and fans are protected? Give the experts at Golf Range Netting a call today at (866) 938-4448 and we’ll set you up with a free consultation to help find the right solution for your sports nettings needs.

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