Commercial jobsites should always be safe. With the help of netting, many commercial spaces are becoming safer, more private and in some cases visually appealing. At Golf Range Netting, we use the tools we have to help those in commercial settings work better with the tools they have. Netting has many benefits, so keep reading to learn all that it can do for you!


In commercial working situations, safety is a top priority. Places like construction sites and warehouses often pose many dangerous challenges for workers. As a result, employers are beginning to install nets to boost the level of safety all around. Not only will netting protect people, it also keeps property, products and the public safely out of harms way. There are a couple types of commercial netting we frequently install. These include dust and debris, pallet rack, and wind and barrier nets.

  • Dust and Debris Netting – helps contain dust from leaving a working area. They also contain objects within a specific area to prevent damaging surrounding property and people.
  • Pallet Rack Netting – encloses pallets and other stacked objects in warehouse-like settings to keep items contained. In the event something was to fall from a high level, they would not fall into any areas where people could be standing below.
  • Wind and Barrier Netting – this type of net is a great application for many commercial settings. It works to reduce the wind and contamination from dust and other debris to the enclosed area.

Additionally, there are other types of commercial netting that may be beneficial depending on the exact location in question. If you’re unsure of all the options that are available to you, reaching out to the team at Golf Range Netting is a great place to start.


Privacy netting is a must when you don’t want peeping eyes of frequent passersby to see everything you’re doing. Privacy netting is exactly as it sounds. It’s a net barrier you can have installed around a commercial project to prevent people from looking in. Another benefit of this netting is it can eliminate what would normally be a construction eyesore. Neighbors usually aren’t too thrilled at the sight of dirt piles and heavy machinery. Hide this all behind a privacy net and you’re sure to leave a better impression on the community.

In short, improving the way a jobsite works doesn’t have to be complicated. Honestly, it can be quite simple. Installing commercial netting can instantly improve the safety, privacy and the aesthetics of nearly every jobsite. With numerous options at your disposal, creating a favorable environment for both workers and the public alike has never been easier.

The team at Golf Range Netting is highly trained and will work with you to decide the best options for your site. Reach us today at: 866-938-4448.

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