Spring is just around the corner. Warmer weather is on the horizon and it’s time for ball players across the country to get back into the swing of things (pun intended) during spring training. The team at Golf Range Netting is thrilled to be based in sunny Florida – close to the action of more than a dozen Major League Baseball’s spring training exhibition games. Did you know some historians believe spring training got its start in nearby Jacksonville, Florida when the Washington Capitals started training there in the spring back in 1888?


One of the most essential parts of spring training, beyond the exhibition games, is batting practice. It’s a special part of baseball history and allows for spectators to get a unique form of pre-competition entertainment if they’re able to get to the ballpark well before the game starts.


When it’s not game day, baseball players spend a significant amount of time in batting cages perfecting their swing and hitting against pitching machines. Batting practice is essential to the development and success of any hitter. The great Ted Williams told the New York Times back in 1982, “I’ve always said that hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports. The hardest thing – a round ball, round bat, curves, sliders, knuckleballs, upside down and a ball coming in at 90 miles to 100 miles an hour, it’s a pretty lethal thing.” Coaches and trainers alike are aware of the difficulty of hitting a moving baseball, which is why batting practice is a fundamental piece of skill building for great players.


Facility managers know the importance of batting cages and enclosures that are well-maintained and ready for the long season of the sport. Strong netting built to withstand baseballs being thrown at high velocity is essential to a good batting cage. The team of experts at Golf Range Netting have installed dozens of batting cages and enclosures over our 24 years in business. If you’re getting ready for spring training and baseball season, reach out today at (877) 402-6122 to learn more about our baseball netting services!

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