It’s that time of year. The air is a little bit crisper, the tree leaves are starting to change colors, and Halloween costumes are already appearing in the stores. Fall is officially here! With it, comes all the fall sports we know and love – from football and lacrosse to field hockey and soccer. If you run a sports program, you know the importance of keeping your fields and facilities safe for both players, families and fans. Sport netting is a major component of facility infrastructure and overall safety.


Nearly every sport requires one form of netting or another – and the pros at Golf Range Netting have you covered for every sports netting need this fall. We specialize in assessing the needs of each facility we work with and consider the variety of sports offered, the weather conditions of the area, existing infrastructure and even the level of sport (youth, college, professional) being played.


As we get closer to winter, sport facility managers also need to think about lighting needs. The sun is setting earlier every day and proper lighting can help ensure safe and efficient practices, as well as more enjoyable games and tournaments. We’ve installed netting and lighting systems across the country, from a tennis court system in Illinois to a collegiate baseball barrier netting and field light system in Tampa.


Sports like football, soccer and tennis usually require specialty enclosures to protect spectators from errant balls. While both football and soccer fields need backstop netting, the system and installation vary greatly. Our sports netting experts have more than 25 years of experience so they know what systems and products will work best for your specific netting needs. Give us a call today at 866)938-4448 to receive a free estimate for your sports netting this fall.

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