Sports facilities bring people together for common causes: friendly competition, healthy activities, and fun. A sports facility can also act as a central hub for local communities. The key to ensuring a safe environment for athletes, coaches and spectators while running a smoothly operating facility is reducing risk, preventing injury, and complying with regulations and guidelines. Sports netting is a major component for all three.


Spectator safety should be a top facility priority. Your facility’s fiscal health depends upon your ability to recognize dangers and prevent them. While safety netting may not be the first feature you think of, it can be one of the most important. Blunt-force trauma to visitors or athletes can occur if there is a lack of safety netting, if netting is improperly installed, or if it is in bad shape. Goal and backstop netting is also vital for safety reasons. Poorly installed or unsecure soccer or hockey goals are at risk of tipping over, causing potential harm to athletes during play. Conducting regular maintenance, safety inspections and prompt repairs can reduce the risk of injuries occurring at your facility. If a repair can’t be made in a reasonable time frame, you’ll want to alert spectators and athletes to avoid the unsafe conditions with proper signage.


Your sports facility, whether it’s a field hockey facility or a baseball park, should be a safe place for both fans, families and athletes. You want a sports barrier net that does its job without distracting your visitors or taking away from the beauty of the game. Our sports netting comes in a variety of weights and materials so we can tailor a solution that’s just right for your needs. We offer sports netting for a range of venues – from baseball, golf, soccer, football, tennis, and more.


We’ve installed safety netting at sports facilities all over the country – from The Boston Red Sox training facility which is located in Fort Myers, Florida to golf range netting in Minnesota. Our team of experts can evaluate your facility and provide thoughtful guidance on the best solution for your netting needs. Give us a call today at (866) 938-4448 to learn more about the spectator safety netting you need!

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